This Social Media Enthusiast Turned Entrepreneur Launched an Influencer Marketing Agency that Clocks ₹36 Lacs Turnover 

Simran Singh

Brandlytical was founded by Simran Singh in 2019. The 6-month old agency has a prestigious clientele like Oriflame and Oxykraft among others. 


At a glance

Startup: Brandlytical  

Founder: Simran Singh

The year it was founded: 2019

Funding: Bootstrapped


Time and again, women have proved that when they’re given an opportunity to display their capabilities and potential, they can surpass men.

The story of Simran Singh is one such example. At the tender age of 24, she built an agency from scratch in a domain that was completely unrelated to what she was studying. 

Singh graduated from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi and started as a software engineer at Dreamboat before joining Airtel. During her tenure, she realised being a software engineer wasn’t her true calling. She decided to explore one of the most trending industries: Digital Marketing. Singh decided to pursue her career in this field and started gaining knowledge and soon after, she completed her internship to gain hands-on experience to deal with clients. Her focus remained on Influencer Marketing. 

Singh got married and juggling her responsibilities at home and office became daunting. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started Brandlytical. Her family was sceptical and warned her against it but with the encouragement of her friends, she decided to go for it. 


About Brandlytical 

Brandlytical is an influencer marketing agency that helps clients promote their products and services through various influencers. They help the clients with everything right from creating strategies to developing concepts and campaigns that will not only help the brand at hand spread awareness but also gain loyal customers. 

Singh has a large database according to the niche of every influencer, for instance, fashion, travel, photography, etc. This helps Brandlytical cater to all types of clients. Additionally, Singh works with both micro as well as macro-influencers. Brandlytical also provides influencer training and selection where they find the right influencer and help them communicate the brand message in different forms such as content, videos, etc. Then, the entire team brainstorms and devices innovative branding techniques that align with the brands positioning and target audience. Once everything is finalized, the campaign is launched and they provide detailed analytics to the clients. 


What sets us apart is…

Brandlytical is India’s biggest Digital Influencer Platform because it has a variety of promotional systems that help and guide the growing number of bloggers and help create a name for themselves. They have been able to do so by coming up with powerful content that drives traffic to their brands. 

“We have created a platform that helps you present your brand with the help of top media influencers. Our in-house team carries thorough research to help you target the right kind of audience and at the right time so that your brand can get the highest exposure.”


What’s your agency’s USP?

“People feel influencer marketing is a marketing technique that only established brands can afford. Influencer marketing is still a strategy that’s only been used by the established business simply because of this belief. That’s where my agency comes in. We’re changing the mindset of people by giving them the tools they need to step up their marketing game. When our clients try their hand at influencer marketing, they quickly form a loyal customer base because the audience and their competitors both feel that this brand is already established because they’re including influencer marketing!”

Singh’s agency provides solutions to startups, small scale business enterprises, MNCs and established brands that are looking for fresh ideas. They work with a diverse range of influencers that cater to all types of budgets and that’s what makes Brandlytical different. Some of the notable influencers they work with are Ritu Rathee and Gaurav Taneja. They’ve also worked with brands like Pashma, Oxykraft, Portonics and Gmoreghealthy among others. 


Their services are reasonably priced. Starting at ₹15,000 and going up to ₹30,000, it makes it easier for all types of business entities to include them in their marketing strategies. Apart from this, they even provide customised packages so that you can get a bang for your buck.

“When we have clients who’ve just launched a business, we recommend them micro-influencers and when we have a client who has a popular brand, we suggest them to go with macro-influencers. The influencers we work with are very creative and hard-working. They know what their audience likes and provide us with insight and solutions we would have normally overlooked.” 


The Struggle and Challenges

The decision of starting a company for a newly-married woman in India is frowned upon. A majority of the population still believes that a woman’s duty is to take care of her family. 

Singh’s situation was no different. She says it was a tough decision to leave a job where she comfortably earned ₹20,000 per month to chase after her dream which no one believed in. People around her told her she was “too young,” she would never make it on her own, she was making a mistake leaving a “secure job,” etc. Singh was determined to follow her dream and decided not to pay any heed to people’s opinions. 

“When I entered the market, I realised there was a lot of competition. For me, more competition only meant more opportunities.”


Facing the Challenges

Influencer marketing is still one of the most underrated marketing techniques. Singh knew this because she had studied and done in-depth research on brands that work with influencers. However, she lacked the practical knowledge and when she went to present her brand to companies, she failed within the first two attempts. 

“I lost clients because I didn’t have any experience and this industry thrives on experience. I was expecting my clients to believe in my brand but it was me who needed to make it believable.”

Singh began working twice as hard. She came across an old connection that was co-incidentally working in the same domain. She taught Singh how to approach clients, how to pitch and how to get good content from micro-influencers and how to price her services correctly. With her newly acquired knowledge, Singh started approaching clients again. By February, she was able to land a contract with a reputed company from the fashion industry. 

“I was overjoyed but I didn’t want to start celebrating because this was just the beginning. I knew I needed to work harder in order to satisfy my first client. If I provided extra value, they would definitely recommend us and we’d have more brands to work with.”

Looking Forward

“We’re currently working with national clients but I’d love to expand my work to Dubai.”


Advice for students

“Starting a business on your own, especially when we live in a patriarchal society, is tough. It’s crucial for you to believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who encourage and support you. More than the idea, your willingness to try is important. Start saving early even when you’re living with your parents so that you’re not financially dependent on others to fund your ideas. Also, you need to understand that people will try to change your mind but stay strong and have the courage to follow your dreams and passions because you’ll regret it later.”


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