2 Things Entrepreneurs Must Learn From Soccer 

2 Things Entrepreneurs Must Learn From Soccer 

Soccer binds us all together and with every passing round, the fandom surges and stakes intensify.

It makes for a great entertainment activity and is an excellent source to learn about entrepreneurship. 

Here are two things you must learn in order to succeed as an entrepreneur:


1. Team Work

It means working with a group of people to achieve a common goal.

Every player on the field has a designated role and they continue to fulfil it until the goal is met (or scored in this example). 

If you want your team to succeed, it is crucial that you start by setting SMART goals and ensuring each team member understands their duties.

Use structured content, plans and timelines to clearly define the goals.

Your team members are more likely to perform better if they feel they’re a part of a valued unit.

Motivate them, provide feedback and reward them upon the successful completion of the task/goal. 

Here are a few methods to nurture a healthy team culture:


a. Have inspirational leaders onboard

Good leaders ensure their teams stay productive, motivated and on top of their game.


b. Communicate communicate communicate 

Be clear, listen, use effective methods/tools, and touch base every now and then.


c. Exercise 

Team building exercise (not jumping jacks!)


d. Ground Rules

Set them early on. 


e. Clarify Goals and Purposes

Be clear about why they’re doing this task and what’s in it for them. 


f. Recognize+Reward

= Satisfied employees


2 Things Entrepreneurs Must Learn From Soccer 


g. Office Space 

It can hinder or boost your team’s productivity. 


h. Breaks

Taking breaks together is proven to enhance productivity. 


i. Strengths vs Weaknesses

Focus on the strengths more than the weaknesses. 


j. Attitude of Gratitude

You thank your employees and they’ll thank you. It’s that simple.


k. Accept Differences

Resolve conflicts with a win-win approach. 


l. Celebrate

Because every significant milestone deserves a celebration!


2. Collaboration

The other thing to learn from soccer is learning how to collaborate.

It means finding new methods of working as a team by generating new ideas and better solutions in order to foster a growth-oriented environment. 

Here are five ways to collaborate most effectively:




a. Ensure everyone’s on the same page

Same goals mean unified efforts. You’re bound to get great results when efforts are unified and aimed at the same goal.


b. Set Realistic Expectations

Just like Soccer, you need to make sure each member understands their role.

If they’re good at research, don’t ask them to create marketing strategies and vice versa.

Let each member work on what they know best in order to excel. For instance, if you are working on new types of football fixtures, delegate the duties right from research to marketing. 


c. Tech Tools

Access to resources and tools that automate mundane tasks is an excellent way to ensure your team focuses on what’s truly important. 


d. Be Open

If things aren’t working well, discuss with your team members. Try to find solutions.

Sometimes, the junior members of the team have great ideas and solutions but are afraid to speak up.

Create an environment where everyone feels safe to communicate and discuss feedback. 


e. Effective Meetings

Catching up on your personal issues is a primary example of why meetings quickly turn unproductive.

Have a time frame and ground rules in order to make sure no one deviates from the task at hand.

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