Instilling Quality Core Values In Your Start-Up

The core values that professionals possess play a very important role in career trajectory. The same can be said for business as well. Accountability in particular has a huge impact on the success of a professional’s career and the success of a business. For owners and managers, accountability can help their employees feel more motivated to maintain higher levels of productivity and a higher overall satisfaction with their positions. This can contribute positively to an organization’s bottom line as well as its likelihood of expanding. This post will dive in deeper to accountability in the office and how to promote it. 

Recent research has indicated that the ability to hold employees accountable should be a skill ever manager possess. However, nearly four in every five managers indicated they have ‘limited to no’ success in holding their employees and peers accountable. How has this impacted their employees? Well, nearly nine in every ten employees have indicated that their organizations need to do a better job of prioritizing ways to hold staff accountable in a more productive way. 

Fostering an organizational-wide culture of accountability starts from the top. Leaders of any organization must demonstrate their accountability day in and day out. Most importantly, when mistakes are made, leaders should be the most willing to admit to their downfalls and contribute to solving the issue at hand. Following this, the open communication regarding the mistakes and what was learned while solving them allows for lower-ranking managers and employees to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. 

This is accomplished when leaders and managers are able to clearly define their company’s goals and expectations. Employees must first understand their expectations clearly in order to feel motivated enough to accomplish them. The more leaders and managers are willing to explain, the more likely these employees are to understand how their role supports the overall success of the organization. This can contribute to enhanced productivity and satisfaction in their time at the organization. 

Continuing to build off this, once a set of values is prioritized by an organization, the hiring process can be simplified. Organizations should only be willing to hire those with a similar set of values. Be on the lookout for applicants with the ability to admit they’re wrong and address the mistakes they’ve made and possible solutions for their mistakes. These are the types of employees you’ll want to fill out your organization. 

Creating a company culture focused on accountability means being open to receiving feedback and criticism from all levels of an organization. Meaning conversations regarding the matter should never be one sided. Encourage employees to speak up regarding their concerns or questions. Hearing from more and more employees allows companies the ability to strengthen their teams and their culture throughout this feedback. For more information regarding how this is best accomplished, be sure to check out the infographic accompanying this post. Courtesy of Minute7.