How Nitin Garje is Clocking in 1.5 Cr Turnover

How Nitin Garje is Clocking in 1.5 Cr Turnover

At a glance

Startup: The Jagdamba Engineering CNC.

Founder: Nitin Garje

The year it was founded: 2011

Funding: Bootstrapped


The Indian manufacturing sector has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. It accounts for 18% of the GDP with 75.5% of industrial output and is responsible for employing 12% of the population. 

Today, we can see new industries setting up in Maharashtra after our prime minister Narendra Modi decided to support the Indian economy and launch the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Nitin Garje is no different—a proud owner of 2 factories and he supports the ‘Make in India’ movement with vigour. 


Early Life and Inception

Garje graduated from New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar and joined Max New York Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Soon after, he was sent to the MIDC areas in Maharashtra where he was stumped to see that a few labourers had launched their own factories. It sparked a fire within him. 

“I got to know that a few labourers were running their own manufacturing units and I remember thinking to myself—if high school drop-outs can start a factory, why can’t I?”

The more Garje thought about it, the more it made sense to set up a manufacturing unit of his own. He quit his job and set up a small unit. In April of 2011, he launched his manufacturing company ‘The Jagadamba Engineering CNC’. He purchased 3 lathe machines with his savings and began producing tractor gears. Initially, he struggled to convince the vendors to supply raw material to him. 

The demand for his products increased and he expanded; he purchased more Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. In 2016, he saw the same kind of opportunity in the electrical sector so he launched Shravani Enterprises and started producing generator motors for Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. What’s shocking is his down-to-earth nature and his belief in pricing the products fairly. 

“I only charge for my manufacturing and labour charges. My quality of products speaks for itself.”

How Nitin Garje is Clocking in 1.5 Cr Turnover


Product’s USP

Since Garje strongly believes in promoting the ‘Make in India’ movement, he ensures that everything is locally sourced. 

“We should all support Indian businesses. Small-scale businesses that are struggling to survive are the ones that need your support. Who will support them if not the people of its own country?” 


Challenges Faced

Creating something of your own might sound like fun and games but it isn’t. You need to have entrepreneurial skills and the knowledge to be able to differentiate the right from the wrong. Garje says he can never forget the days he had to struggle to arrange the capital required to start his unit. 

“I was fortunate to have some family gold. I got a loan against it and created a fund with the help of my family and friends.” 

The Government of India eased the entry of new businessmen but it wasn’t the case when Garje was starting out. 


Journey Ahead

The Jagdamba Engineering CNC company is one of the fast-growing companies in Ahmednagar, Maharastra. With approved vendors like ISMT Ltd. Ahmednagar, Siddhi Forge, Ahmednagar, Cummins Generator Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ahmednagar, and Cummins Generator Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ranjangaon they’re now eyeing at Larsen and Toubro. Additionally, Garje has managed to secure some of the biggest contracts because his unit is local, reputed and can provide regular maintenance. He plans to start his own generator manufacturing company by 2025.


Advice for Entrepreneurs

“If you want to start your own factory, work with the labourers first. If you want to start a vegetable shop, learn to sell the vegetables on the cart first. It sounds funny now but you need to learn how your industry works right from level 0. Once you have your own factory/company, nobody’s there to guide you and therefore, learn everything before launching something.”