Small Business Ideas That Require Zero Investment

Small Business Ideas That Require Zero Investment

Can you start a small business with no investments? Well, a layman person would probably say no. After all, you need to rent an office, get office supplies, make some forward payments, invest in marketing, deal with legal paperwork… A seemingly endless pile of tasks and issues that require money. But, as it turns out, the reality is far from so. There are numerous businesses you can successfully run simply with your wits and your elbow grease. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s take a closer look at some small business ideas that require zero investment.


Our pick of small business ideas that require zero investment

Just to keep things clear, we are going to include businesses that will require you to spend some money. Mind you, we are talking amounts that are up to $50. Which is why we don’t consider them a true investment. And, with any luck, you should make that money back in the first day or two, which effectively makes them small business ideas that require zero investment.


1. Painting


Let’s start off with one of the most straightforward small business ideas that require zero investment. Once you learn the basics of it, house painting is terribly easy. There are countless YouTube tutorials that are bound to give you all the necessary knowledge for you to start a painting business.

Small Business Ideas That Require Zero Investment

For starters, you can start by painting fences and easy-to-reach surfaces. That way you will not have to get any special tools in order to paint. You might struggle a bit at the beginning until you set up a client base and get some painting skills. But, with a bit of hard work, you should start earning a decent amount of money in a couple of months.

Most painting jobs are so easy that even a child can do them.


2. Window cleaning

By the same token, you can start a window cleaning business. Heck, if you are up for it, you can do both. Services like this are ideal in neighbourhoods where there are a lot of senior citizens.

Remember, they cannot, and for that matter shouldn’t deal with house issues like these. So, if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and applying some elbow grease, you can make a decent amount of money.

Simply hop on a bike and spread the word that you are offering window cleaning services. If necessary, you can even relocate your small business with ease to a neighbourhood that has more elderly people. Add a smile and a friendly disposition to your service, and you just might earn a bonus or a free homemade lunch.


3. Delivery

Small Business Ideas That Require Zero Investment

If you have any transportation device at your disposal, you can start a delivery service. Again, your target clients should be elderly people, as they are in much more need of someone doing chores for them.

Even with a beat-up old bike, you can get groceries or pick up medicine. Just find a way to plan and time your deliveries properly, and you will soon start earning a decent amount of money.


4. Walking dogs

Everyone loves dogs, but not everyone likes walking them. In fact, for a lot of people, dog walking is a chore that they would love to avoid. Well, this is where you step in. If you are at all good with dogs, you will have an easy time taking a couple of them for a walk.

Soon you will learn how to manage groups of dogs, and you might even end up going out with tens of them. Just remember to not rush and to get to know every dog before you start adding new ones.

If you have a park nearby, taking dogs for a walk will be a joy.

Alt: A person walking two dogs.


5. Blogging

Now, all of the aforementioned jobs require you to leave the house. But, surely, there are small business ideas that require zero investment that you can manage from your home. Well, as it turns out, there are.

With just a bit of research, you can start writing a blog. Simply pick a topic that you are familiar with and start writing articles about it.

A woman blogging on a laptop with clothes, flowers and specs on a flat white surface.

Remember to go online and read a thing or two about blog writing before you start, as there are some rookie mistakes you want to avoid. If you really want to make your blog take off, you should consider building a website and using it to promote your writing.


6. Podcast

Now, let’s say that you are not good at the written word. But, you do know how to keep a conversation going. So, what should you do? Well, one of the small business ideas that require zero investment is starting a podcast.

If you have a semi-decent microphone, which all modern headsets have, you are pretty much set for the podcast business. Now all that remains is that you find something that is worth discussing and then explore that subject.


7. YouTube videos

The next logical step is to make YouTube videos. Now, there are practically limitless topics and types of YouTube videos. This is why you might struggle with finding your niche audience straight off the bat.

But, if there is one thing that time has taught us is that low budget, homemade YouTube videos can often earn more money than the high end, high budget, professional videos.

Small Business Ideas That Require Zero Investment

So, if you are looking for a way to make money as a student, you can always consider making something funny/educational on YouTube.

YouTube can be a great platform for numerous small business ideas that require zero investment.


8. Video Game Streaming

If there is one thing that we couldn’t have guessed it’s that video game streaming will be such a hit. Sites like Twitch are filled with young people making their living by doing something they would probably do for free.

If you are at all good at playing video games, you can consider doing a video game stream. Just know that you are entering into a world of gamers all competing for viewership.

So, apparently, the best thing to do is to find an original way to present your content, in order to draw in needed viewers.

Shristi is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between.