Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Becoming a successful entrepreneur depends on many factors. While you must have a general knowledge of finances, economy, and marketing, that alone is not enough. Many people study in these sectors, but not all of them are successful entrepreneurs. To excel in that area, there are some other skills that you must possess. For that reason, I decided to write this article and talk about the essential characteristics of entrepreneurship.


Essential characteristics of entrepreneurship

When learning about how to run a business, there is no limit to the knowledge that will benefit you.

However, while you can always learn new stuff, there is a bare minimum of requirements that you must tackle if you wish to run a successful company. By learning about these characteristics of entrepreneurship, you will avoid many fatal mistakes entrepreneurs make.


1. The drive

You must have the self-motivation and the drive to run a company. That is not something you can learn in school.

The main difference between people who run a company and those who don’t is the abundance of motivation or the lack of the same in the latter case. That is what truly makes a difference.

First of all, you can’t even think about running a company if you don’t have the drive. If you are a standard employee who works for a salary, at one point you will have to quit your job.

Those who give in to the fear of not having a job or a steady monthly paycheck will never be their own bosses. And I can understand that it is not easy to decide for that step.

A true entrepreneur is the one who has the vision, the passion, and the motivation to pursue his goal.

Furthermore, the road towards a successful company is paved with many problems and difficulties.

If you don’t have the self-motivation to tackle those problems when they occur, you will lose your interest and your company will have to close its door. Instead, you must have that vision, that passion, something that others can’t see, but it is perfectly clear for you.

And, you must have the drive to pursue your goal until you succeed.


2. Know your product

With so many buyers and sellers, the market is huge. No matter what kind of product or service you offer, you always have to keep pace with the competition, while pleasing your customers at the same time.

One of the crucial characteristics of entrepreneurship is to know what your product is.

Ask yourself – what are you offering to the customers? Who is your targeted audience? Is your location perfect for your customers, or is transferring your business somewhere new a thought worth considering?

All of these factors are crucial for the success of any business. You can’t be a successful entrepreneur without knowing what your product is, and how it affects the customers.


3. Are you a risk-taker?

If you already started your own business, that’s a huge risk by itself. However, it doesn’t end there, and that is where many make a mistake.

Let’s say that you invested a substantial amount of money to start a company. After some time, you manage to stand on your two feet, and you break even.

Now that everything is back to normal, you can play it safe and start earning money slowly.


Do you think that you are the only one running a company? Are your competitors playing safe? The answer to both of these questions is no.

Your competitors are out there, getting their hands dirty, and doing everything they can to be in front of the rest.

Taking risks is a constant requirement, and it is one of the most valuable characteristics of entrepreneurship.

However, that by itself is not enough. Having guts to do something risky doesn’t always mean you are doing the right thing.

You must be smart and calculated. Do not rush into anything just to prove that you are a risk-taker, that will only bring you down much quicker.

The only way to move forward is to take risks when it comes to running your company.

Being smart while taking risks usually means knowing when to invest money, and what to invest it into.

Furthermore, always think about when and how to expand your small business into a larger one. Picking the right timing to expand on the market is how you improve your company.


4. Money management skills

Having the motivation and passion to run a company, understanding your product and your customers and taking risks are all very important characteristics of entrepreneurship. However, none of those will matter if you don’t know how to manage your finances.

Understanding finances will help you make informed decisions and investments that will earn you more money.
Understanding finances will help you make informed decisions and investments that will earn you more money.

When we talk about money management, that usually refers to seeing the bigger picture. Although it is fine to have an accountant who takes care of finances, you must have basic financial management skills.

If you don’t understand the flow of money, you will never make it work for you. The future of your company depends on whether you know how to properly use your financial budget or not.


5. Build your network

You must have important connections inside your business network. If you don’t get used to staying in touch with relevant people, you will miss many opportunities to improve your company, and you won’t even realize that.

Whenever you make a connection with someone, always gather information about how can they be useful to your business.


6. Learn to be flexible

You can’t be a good entrepreneur if you don’t know how to be flexible. Change is a necessity in any field, and understanding that will help you run your business properly.

We already talked about flexibility before but in forms of taking risks and adapting to your customers and the market. Knowing when to make a change will put you on a path of success.


Be a go-getter

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the essential characteristics of entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, knowing about them is just the first step.

You must work on your entrepreneurial skills every day. Become a go-getter, and put the future of your company in your own hands. No one else will do it for you!


Shristi is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between.