7 Tips to Prepare an Impressive Presentation Deck

7 Tips to Prepare an Impressive Presentation Deck

There might be a lot of reasons why you need to prepare an impressive presentation deck. You might need to present your product to potential clients, or you need investors’ help to grow your startup.

Or it could any other reason. Nonetheless, there are several tips you’ll find useful when preparing your presentation deck.

First of all, you want the audience to completely understand your idea or a concept. Next, it’s essential that the audience is fully engaged, from beginning to the end of your presentation.

But, that doesn’t matter that much, if they don’t believe you in the first place. So, how do you actually do all of this?


5 tips to prepare an impressive presentation deck

Here, you can find several tips that can help you prepare an impressive presentation deck. Some of them are related to design, while some, on the emotional impact of your presentation.

But some of them rely on good old psychological tricks that have been proven to work. All combined, these tips can help you impress and convince your audience.

1. Don’t lose them

Your presentation should last from 20-30 minutes. First of all, this is most people’s attention span, so you will lose them with a longer presentation. Also, you should leave some time for the questions and discussion section.

So, this is the first thing to know when considering the amount of the material. Besides this, your presentation deck should have no more than about 10 slides. Some people, wanting to prepare an impressive presentation deck, make too many slides.

However, ten slides are enough for you to present your idea and to keep the attention of the audience.

It’s important to keep the attention of the audience.

Alt. Tag. A woman giving a presentation in an office.

However, don’t try to squeeze more text inside of these 10 slides. The audience will see that you’re reading, so they will read it ahead, not listening to your pitch while doing so.

Also, it might be too much material and information for one presentation deck. Instead, have a nice medium-sized font and use the speaker notes section, to remember what you have to say.


2. Focus on the needs of your audience

Focus on the needs of your audience

You might get trapped by talking what your idea is. Of course, you are presenting your concept, the one that you believe in, so you want to talk about it.

But, what the audience wants to know is how they can put it to use. So, focus on talking about:

  • what your idea or product can do for them
  • afterwards, talk about how it actually does what it does

For example, let’s say that you want to present your company that offers cargo insurance. So, you start talking proudly about the company and the service.

But, you mustn’t forget what the clients in the audience want to know and that’s how you can keep your materials safe when shipping. So focus on that, instead. Having the perspective of the audience member in your mind and the information that they need to get is crucial.


3. Gain their trust

You might be selling a product, or wanting to raise money for your startup. Whatever the main idea of your presentation, it’s important that the audience trusts you.

Anytime during your presentation, the audience will be asking themselves how they can trust you. Other than just seeming honest, there is a way to get their trust, and that’s by showing that there are others that trust you too:

  • at the beginning of your presentation, put in the endorsement logos, or achievements
  • somewhere around the middle, talk about your previous customers
  • near the end, show the important reviews

Even if you prepare an impressive presentation deck, it doesn’t matter if you don’t gain the trust of your audience.

Also, other than just simply naming your important customers, you can show a case study, or share a story of a client using your product.

That way, the audience can see how your idea was previously used in practice. This is a very useful tool that can help you gain the trust of your audience.


4. The visual aspect of your presentation

The visual aspect of your presentation

There is a huge reason for the increasing popularity of the graphic design. People not only respond to a certain idea, but also to a visual presentation of it.

One of the fatal mistakes entrepreneurs make is not paying enough attention to the visual aspect of their brand. And as people respond to this very much, it’s important to use a certain style for your presentation.

If your brand already has a certain visual identity, stick to it when deciding on the visual style of your presentation. However, if you’re making your brand just now, your style has to be aesthetically pleasing.

Other than that, it should give an idea of the future visual identity of your brand. This kind of consistency will help you achieve the recognition and the trust of future clients, other than just the audience listening to you.


5. Use colours to your advantage

The easy way to prepare an impressive presentation deck is to choose one of the many templates you can find on the internet. The other way is to do it all by yourself.

Either way, you can find the prepared colour pallets on the internet, as the human eye finds their combination to be aesthetically pleasing.

However, you should also use contrasts to subconsciously capture the attention of the audience and to emphasize certain points of your presentation. Black with colours like red and yellow is a great way to do this. Also, don’t forget that there is a smart way to use white colour, as it leaves certain space for the audience to think about your words and take them in.


6. Don’t refrain from using photos

Good use of photos can provide a visual aspect to your presentation but also increases the emotional impact.

Good use of photos can provide a visual aspect to your presentation but also increases the emotional impact. The vivid imagery can breathe life into your slides.

However, be careful as you want these photos only to be a supporting role to your idea and not a distraction. For example, one photo per slide might be more than enough.

Good use of photos can help you in your presentation. Alt. Tag. A person helping another person on the top of the mountain.


7. Be confident and connect with the audience

In the end, you have the most important of all the tips to prepare an impressive presentation deck. Leave all the anxiety at home and do your best to show confidence and connect with the audience.

First and foremost, show them that you believe your own idea. Besides this, don’t be afraid if everything doesn’t go as planned. In that case, just relax and improvise. People like spontaneity, so there’s no reason to worry.

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